Why North Hills Tax

Take the worry out of your taxes this year.

In addition to in person appointments, we offer many contactless methods to prepare your tax return and exchange information/files. These methods include:

Drop-off/Pick Up


Electronic Exchange

(via secure file exchange on our portal, fax, and email)


See our client testimonials below that demonstrate our commitment to great service at a fair price.

Eric has helped me with my taxes for more than 15 years. He makes the entire process both quick and easy to understand. Eric has earned my trust with his thorough and straight forward approach.


Eric and I met through mutual friends in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. I needed a new tax accountant and Eric helped me navigate my taxes (with several 1099 side hustles, investments, HSA, on top of full time work). I have been fortunate enough to have him guide me through this process for the last two years and have been pleased with his professionalism, responsiveness, and willingness to educate me on certain aspects that confuse me (on top of the quality of work that he performs). I am looking forward to continue to work with him for years to come, especially now that he has his own practice and has took a leap of faith!

Alexandria P.

Eric has been doing my taxes for over 15 years. He is professional and easy to work with. He has several years of tax experience and very knowledgeable in his field. I highly recommend his service.

Jillian L.